var error = false; var pic = new Array(); var tit = new Array(); var prc = new Array(); var url = new Array(); pic[0]=""; tit[0]="Yield Lab 7 inch Propagation Dome 5 Pack Plant Seedling Seed Clones"; prc[0]="$29.97"; url[0]=""; pic[1]=""; tit[1]="Yield Lab 54w 4' Foot T5 Fluorescent Bloom Flower Light Bulbs (2700k), 5 Pack"; prc[1]="$22.99"; url[1]=""; pic[2]=""; tit[2]="Soft Mesh Trellis Netting- 5ft x 15ft (60in x 180in) for Hydroponic Grows SCROG"; prc[2]="$6.99"; url[2]=""; pic[3]=""; tit[3]="3ft Natural Bamboo Stake, pack of 25 Plant Support"; prc[3]="$12.75"; url[3]=""; pic[4]=""; tit[4]="Yield Lab Twist Ties Roll with Cutter (164 Ft) LST, Plant Propagation Support"; prc[4]="$5.95"; url[4]=""; pic[5]=""; tit[5]="Soft Mesh Trellis Netting- 5ft x 30ft (60in x 360in) for Hydroponic Grows SCROG"; prc[5]="$11.95"; url[5]=""; pic[6]=""; tit[6]="6" inch x 33' Ft. Flexible Foil Ducting Venting Ventilation Inline Fan Blower Du"; prc[6]="$21.95"; url[6]=""; pic[7]=""; tit[7]="Yield Lab Complete 2' Foot 24w 6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Kit w/ Hanging St"; prc[7]="$53.95"; url[7]=""; pic[8]=""; tit[8]="24-Hour 110V Mechanical Indoor Hydroponic Grow Light/Water Pump/Feeding Timer"; prc[8]="$8.95"; url[8]=""; pic[9]=""; tit[9]="Yield Lab 600w MH Digital hid 600 Watt Metal Halide Veg Grow Light Bulb"; prc[9]="$24.95"; url[9]=""; pic[10]=""; tit[10]="Yield Lab 5 Pack 3 Gallon Aerated Fabric Grow Pots Growing Bags with Handles"; prc[10]="$14.49"; url[10]=""; pic[11]=""; tit[11]="Yield Lab 5 Gal Bubble Extraction Bags 8 Bag Set Easy Hydroponic (25-220 Micron)"; prc[11]="$34.95"; url[11]=""; pic[12]=""; tit[12]="Yield Lab Professional 240V 1000W HPS Double Ended Complete Grow Light Kit"; prc[12]="$269.95"; url[12]=""; pic[13]=""; tit[13]="Yield Lab Pro Series 240V 1000W Double Ended Open Hood Grow Light Kit, HPS Bulb"; prc[13]="$289.95"; url[13]=""; pic[14]=""; tit[14]="Advanced Spectrum MAX 3w Chip Modular Dual Lens LED Grow Light Kit Panel 7 Bands"; prc[14]="$299.95"; url[14]="";